About French Navy

The power of the written word should never be underestimated.
I love writing to people and thank you notes in particular have been a life long passion. 
As a child, every birthday and Christmas I was given delectable stationery on which to write my thank you notes and I have been more than taken with it ever since. 
I adore letting people know how much I have appreciated their company or kind gift.
After living abroad for a few years, and being used to having exquisite stationery at my fingertips, I encountered issues finding stationery of the quality and design that I enjoyed writing on once back in Australia. 
This lead to the development and launch of French Navy, a boutique online stationery and etiquette business in 2009.
As thank you notes and etiquette are intrinsically linked, by default growing up I became the etiquette ‘go to’ girl within my group of friends. So, it made sense for etiquette advice to be offered through French Navy too. Under the pseudonym, Miss French Navy, I have been able to provide etiquette advice and also blog about all of the things that I love, including manners, style, decorum and good taste.
As French Navy has grown in size and reputation over the last few years, so too has the business and our stationery and etiquette offering. From our original boxed stationery sets, our range now includes  'design your own' options online so that clients can be hands on in designing their own stationery, for their thank you notes, wedding or birth announcements, to name just a few. 
We also design bespoke wedding stationery suites and work with many companies, developing personalised stationery for their staff members and also suitable corporate gifts.
My reputation as the 'go to' person for etiquette advice has also grown. I have since found myself being asked to write articles on and comment about etiquette and also provide etiquette advice to companies, either by facilitating etiquette classes or helping their HR department to incorporate etiquette guidelines within the workplace.
Thank you for visiting French Navy.
French Navy Founder – Alexandra Blakemore


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