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Audrey Hepburn – Letters for Auction

I always love seeing old letters resurfacing. I adore reviewing the letter head design, the colour of the fountain pen used, the style of cursive …… It makes me a bit giddy with delight and is such a lovely reminder of the bygone era when hand written correspondence was the only way to send a note.

Knowing of the existence of such letters is always intriguing, although I’m not sure if I agree on auctioning such items.

Ten letters written by Audrey Hepburn to her mentor, Sir Felix Aylmer, during 1951 and 1960 are to be auctioned by the London auction house, Bonhams. Sir Felix was paramount in Hepburn’s career, agreeing to give her acting and elocution lessons to help her with her craft.

They formed a relationship that developed into a lifelong friendship and as her career took off, Hepburn wrote the letters and postcards to Sir Felix, which is why they are of such value. While I would imagine that they would only be purchased by someone who adores her, it would be lovely if they could find their way back to her family.

Audrey Hepuburn letter French Navy

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