With national handwriting day upon us, I decided to write some letters to some friends, just to say hi, to let them know that they were in my thoughts.

What did you do?

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Much has been written about David Bowie since his untimely passing. His final album, released just days before his death, was by all accounts a thank you note to his fans.

In his dying days, Bowie also dispatched poignant thank you notes to friends who remained unaware he was at death’s door, until they heard the news.

It would appear that thank you notes were integral to Bowie’s life. Upon hearing that he had his first fan letter from America, Bowie, despite his Manager insisting he had more important things to do, typed a letter of reply straight away.

David Bowie fan letter


(Click to enlarge and read letter.)

Despite his fame, wealth and success – and role as a change maker and innovator, it is lovely to see that Bowie was always and ever, a gentleman.

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Oh gracious, it would appear that it has been rather longer since my last post than I anticipated. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had another child in the time since my last blog.

I shall endeavour to do better.

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