Kindness and manners are always in fashion

Kindness and manners are always in fashion

The other week, David Beckham was out and about early one morning, when he walked past Senior Paramedic Catherine Maynard who works with the Cycle Response Unit in London, who was attending to an elderly gentleman who had fallen in the street.

Catherine thought the man that walked past her looked a bit like David Beckham, however as she was waiting with her patient for the ambulance to arrive and trying to keep him warm in the cold, she didn’t give it a second thought.

However, it turns out the man was indeed David Beckham, who returned about ten minutes later with a coffee for Catherine and a tea for the patient. Such a simple, thoughtful and kind gesture – that wouldn’t have cost much, however meant the world to the freezing paramedic and patient.

David was kind enough to pose for a photo with Catherine, who uploaded the image to twitter using the hashtag – #buyitlikebeckham.

The London Ambulance crews have since suggested that other members of the public might like to support their ambulance crews by offering to buy them a tea or coffee and send in the picture via Twitter @Ldn_Ambulance and tag the photos with #buyitlikebeckham.

It’s sometimes easy to think that it’s only the big gestures that make someone’s day, when really, it’s the little things. Thanks for the reminder Mr Beckham.